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    Garmin Edge 305 Question

    I just purchased a refurbished Garmin Egde 305. Up until this purchase I have only used wired/wireless computers. The unit comes with a cadence/speed mount. I was not going to use this feature. I planned on just letting the GPS unit give me my speed and distance. Just wondering if anyone else just uses the GPS unit only for their speed and distance? Any good or bad things to say about this unit? Thanks, David.

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    I loved my 305, it has a couple cool features that my 500 doesn't have any more, mainly the on screen "map" and elevation chart. I had to replace it after 3 years because the battery wasn't holding a charge anymore and I wanted to get a power meter which it doesn't do.

    You can do it without the cadence mount. I use it all the time without the cadence mount on my cross bike. The speed sensor is nice because it gives you a back up in case you get out of satellite range and it does seem to register difference in speed quicker than the GPS can do. It's also nice because you can use it indoors on the trainer. It only takes two zips ties and doesn't get in the way of anything. I'd say put it on, it's not going to hurt anything.

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    I use mine without the sensors. Just the head unit. Some people say it's not as accurate but I don't feel it's a deal breaker.

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    My cadence sensor was touchy so I dumped it and have been very satisfied.

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    You only need the sensor if you want cadence or ride in areas where the gps is blocked for extended periods. I got tired of kicking and losing sensors and magnets so I quit using one. If you have not noticed there is a field that indicates how accurate the gps is; it is usually accurate to within less than 15 feet so what more could you want.

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    Love my Edge 305. Havn't had a problem with the speed/cadence sensor - and with that installed, it works to help calculate 'virtual' power on trainerroad. And/or just track you 'mileage' on the indoor trainer..

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