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    Garmin issues - HELP!!!!!

    I bought both my girlfriend and I a new 15" MacBook Pro Retina. It came reinstalled with mountain lion and we cannot sync our Garmin units to it either in Ascent or rubiTrack this is a problem on both of the new MacBooks. I gave away my old MacBook to a friend so I don't have that to use anymore, but it DID work last time I checked.

    Using the Garmin browser plugin is also not getting me anywhere. I keep getting "not found" errors when trying to connect via USB

    This is affecting both of out Forerunner 305's my Nüvi for my car and my older Oregon unit. Nothing will sync with this new MacBook.

    Has anybody had this issue? Was it resolved? What did you do?

    FWIW Garmin support was useless.
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    Garmin issues - HELP!!!!!

    What browser are you using? I used Chrome on my Mac and synced for over a year with no issues. An update to Chrome caused things to stop working and reinstalling the plugin didn't work.

    I switched to Firefox for syncing and it continues to work to this day. Safari probably works, too, but I haven't tested it.

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    The plugin should now work with chrome (it works fine for me.)
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