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    How can I stiffen the soles on my sneakers?

    I'm doing a 20k time trial on sunday, it'll be my first competitive ride. I don't have clipless yet, and I won't be able to afford it for a couple weeks, all i have are toe straps.

    What is a good way to stiffen the soles on my sneakers? Innovation is welcome!

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    Maybe grab some stiffer insoles? I don't know. You'd probably just wind up McGyvering something and causing yourself more aggravation during the race than just strapping in and riding hard.

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    Cut a pair of insoles from 1/4" plywood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wood Devil View Post
    Maybe grab some stiffer insoles? I don't know. You'd probably just wind up McGyvering something and causing yourself more aggravation during the race than just strapping in and riding hard.
    This.............don't change right before a ride....
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    For 12.4 miles, I doubt you'll see a drastic difference, I'd just wear the sneakers and be comfortable.

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    It's not about the shoes.
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    leave it alone for now. enjoy the new system on the next event if your clipless is only a few weeks away.

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    When I first started riding (back in the day) I decided to get cycling shoes because my feet would start burning after 60 miles.
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    I did a ride this year that my cleats would not engage. If the ride had been 12 miles I would have been fine. Instead the first open bike shop we found was at mile 58. I say just run with what you got for now. I don't think putting a real stiff insole is going to give you measurably more power. The toe clips will be fine for this run.
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    Don't change anything before the ride.

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    Back in the day I used to ride to class in an awesome pair of Vans... like these except blue checks

    Anyway, after not many rides, the pedal cage imprinted lines on the bottoms of the shoes. So one day I took a knife and about an hour of careful cutting, and made cleat slots. It made a difference, I really could pull up harder than before.
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