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    Insight on 5-Bike 2" Hitch Rack

    What's the best 5-bike hitch rack? Thule, Saris, Yakima? Easiest to load? Sturdiest? I have an 05 Honda Minivan, will be hauling 3 kids bikes, 2 adult bikes. Would like the swing out option, but don't think it is available on 5-bike racks.

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    Have you considerred a trailer?

    The first bike that goes onto the type rack where they hang from the top tube goes on pretty easy. You have to watch out for the handlebars and pedals when you hang the second bike. The third is a bit more difficult and so on. Kid's bikes, bikes with step through frames, and bikes with any other unusual frame configurations complicate the process. It's one thing when you're leaving home all fresh and energetic, might be something else when you're feeling sweaty and tired and the kids still have energy left. also, if you're the kind of person who is going to worry about scrapes and scratches, forget the whole thing.

    Most often, no matter how well you plan, once you get the bikes all loaded or mostly loaded, you'll find a reason to want to open the rear hatch. This will give you a good opportunity to choose between using those expletives you find appropriate in front of the kids or expanding the kids vocabularies. That's why the expensive swing away option is so popular.

    Five bikes, a picnic plus helmets, changes of clothes etc. is a lot of stuff. You'll still want elbow room in the car for the people. I'm thinking that a trailer would be a lot easier and probably close to the same cost.

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