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    Just scored a 3T Dorico LTD seatpost

    As the title reads I scored a brand new 3T Dorico LTD seatpost for a 100 bucks. The question is will I like it or hate it. Never seen one in person, probably due to cost, so I took a shot since it seemed like a killer deal.

    Anyone have any experieces with one, it is pretty darn light according to the 3T website.

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    I have a Dorico Team; unfortunately it's on the bicycle I crashed 10 days ago, and the saddle took a big hit, so the post will almost certainly be retired "just in case." I bought it mainly because of the two-bolt clamp ... you'll like that if you've ever been frustrated by an inability to set a saddle to just the right angle.

    The graphics on mine seemed fragile, so maybe be careful about then when you're inserting the post into the frame and tinkering with saddle height.
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    my only (small) complaint with 3T is that the paint rubbed off totally where i inserted my seat post beneath the collar, so if i put it on my other bike where the post is a bit higher, there is no cool stripe. no big deal, still love my stem and bars, which are super-stiff and have no paint issues.

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    I have one on my Colnago. It makes some interesting cracking sounds when you hit big bumps, but so far it hasn't failed me.

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    Well that'll make you faster.
    Quote Originally Posted by the_dude
    these are better than i was expecting, and my expectations were already rather high.

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    I have a 3T stem and bar on my CAAD9, and have pondered a 3T seat post to get with the component loyalty thing.

    But a seat post's a seat post.

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    Well mine has held up so far after almost 2 years, so it is not a bad post, and I am like you and have a 3T stem that I wanted to match.

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