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    Long Sleeve Jersey

    I have been looking for a long sleeve jersey for the upcoming winter, but they are all so ugly. This is the best I could find.
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    Jeez, that is kinda ugly. Check this out for a nice looking jersey:
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    Don't buy a long sleeve jersey (to actually wear in cold weather) that doesn't have at least a 3/4 length zipper.
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    these are better than i was expecting, and my expectations were already rather high.

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    Check, online store, other for this:
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    What I wore this morning - top was nice and warm - but I really need to invest in some full finger gloves. My fingers were frozen after riding.

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    They're very hard to find. I've been thinking about doing a permanent switch to never worry about tan lines again.

    But the majority of them are MTB jerseys and are too loose for me to show off my anorexic ways.
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    I have this in red (as in the picture). I love it!
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    i personally always like short sleeve jerseys and warmers... then a vest if it gets really cold with a jacket. i do sometimes end up carrying alot of crap if the day gets warm though,

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    I have a nice Hincape LS jersey and a vintage PI US Postal LS jersey. Both have full zips and are very warm. I wore the Hincape (my favorite) this morning at 49 degrees and it was perfect. Both were E-Bay finds and in mint condition. Look around, there are far better looking options than what you found.

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    Pearl Izumi Kodiak jerseys are nice. If you want wool try this:

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    Pearl Izumi thermafleece armwarmers, campy wool jersey,good down to high50's. add a vest down to mid-high 40's.
    I just purchased from performance a louis garneau longsleeve jersey yellow with black with yellow that feels same as pearl's thermafleece. very good for colder weather with vest and knee/legwarmers.

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    Check out for some truly beautiful & understated LS jerseys (they make a nice 'cross jersey in partnership with Independent Fabrication). I have one of their sportwool jerseys; costly, but incredibly well made and loaded with nice details.

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    I just picked up one of these which I think is going to work out well once the temp dips:

    I also wore a Pearl Izumi Kodiak with a vest most of last winter. Performed great except for the coldest days:
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    Buy a Swobo or Ibex merino wool.
    I honestly have no idea how so many roadies think that what they wear is cool.
    I usually wear baggie clothing when I ride just so I don't fit in with that group.

    Anyway, Swobo or Ibex makes a great product and the look great as well.

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    I like the Pearl Izumi Kodiak jerseys as well. You can buy them for decent prices if you shop around. For really cold weather, I picked up some PI Gavia and Vector jerseys/jackets last winter, and they are excellent.

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    Well I think that's a very handsome jersey, but If you want a more understated (read- boring) look you can opt for a plain long sleeeved jersey, and there are plenty of them out there. PI Kodiak is one example. Also Castelli makes a long sleeved jersey with a full length zipper and a very road bike specific cut (long in back, short in front, and long arms). I have one, and I like it. Idon't know what model it is. It fits terribly off the bike but great on the bike and it's best worn with bib pants due to the short front.
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    If you don't mind the Hammer Nutrition logos, these are about the most inexpensive you will find. And they are Voler's best.,Cycling

    If you need a referral PM me.

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