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    most comfortable short sleeve cycling jersey under $150

    I was checking out primalwear online but graphics but how comfortable?Ohter brand input welcome?Anybody try Hincapie brand?

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    I reallly like Giordana, and Endura. They fit comfortably, look good, and are constructed well.

    They run about 110-120.

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    Hincapie makes GREAT stuff. I have a long sleeve jersey, a set of bibs and even Hincapie wool socks. All are top shelf stuff.

    Jerseys? Most of mine are from rides or club stuff. Voler and Borah seem to be the popular choices for those custom applications.

    "Best" is difficult to say as I have some that are warmer than others. What is best on a 90 degree day is not best on a 60 degree morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shackleton View Post
    I was checking out primalwear online but graphics but how comfortable?Ohter brand input welcome?Anybody try Hincapie brand?
    Comfort encompasses a lot of things including wicking, pocket size, cut, fit, zipper length, zipper type, etc. IME Primal Wear jerseys tend to be "club fit" and therefore rather loose, which I don't really like. However, I have come across very few "uncomfortable" jerseys, and most everything I own is pretty comfortable.

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    All of my $15 - $50 jerseys are very comfortable and function perfectly.

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    I have over a dozen jerseys, never paid more than $60 for any of them, a few a lot less. They are all comfortable.

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    I have two Primal Wear jersey's. Bought one to see if I would like it. Black/White with really cool graphics. Fits like a glove. With that said, I ordered another one, just received it today. Fits as good as the first one.

    I don't have experience with more expensive jersey's, but for $50.00, I don't think you could go wrong.

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    I'm with Camilo and Kerry. The idea of spending much more than $50 for a jersey makes me very uncomfortable. IME, the factors that make a jersey comfortable are smooth wicking fabric, solid construction including sturdy well-placed pockets, and perfect fit. The first two factors can be found in lots of inexpensive jerseys, including the ones on sale for $20 at Performance. Fit is a crapshoot regardless of price. That's why I break out the sewing machine when I buy cycling clothes. All my jerseys fit the way I like them to.

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    my lbs sells their logo jerseys, which are primal. the race cut of those fit me fine, and are comfortable temperature wise. I also have craft and PI jerseys which are good too. I've never spent more than 60 on a jersey, and I don't really see why I would. I've tried on more expensive ones, (but haven't ridden with them on) and never had an "aha, this is where the extra money is worth it" feel.

    if you're hesitant to buy primal online, call bike shops and ask if their logo jerseys are made by primal and if you could try one on. if it fits well, order from the primal catalog from the shop, rather than online, if that puts you at ease.

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    I actually counted the other day & I have 24 jerseys.
    Most of them are from Performance - comfy, nice fit for me, last forever.
    Primal - Great looking graphics- pretty comfy
    Pearl Izumi-don't like the way it fits-threads unraveling
    Castelli - fits too tightly for my taste but the fabric id the best ever.
    Nashbar - just say no.
    3 club jerseys from small, custom shops. They're pretty good.
    Before you criticize someone walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them you'll be a mile away & you'll have their shoes.

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