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    Need help making a final decision. 2013 CAAD10 5 vs. 2013 Felt F5 vs. 2012 Felt F5

    All priced at $1400 new. Which one would you pick and why?

    -2013 Felt F5. Carbon / SRAM Apex components F5 - Felt Bicycles

    -2013 Cannondale CAAD10 5. Aluminum / 105 components CAAD10 5 105 - CAAD10 - Elite Road - Road - Bikes - 2013

    -2012 Felt F5. Carbon / 105 components F5 Road Bike - Felt Bicycles

    Buying my first road bike today and need help deciding!

    Picture of the bikes...
    Which Bike? - Imgur

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    This decision should really be your own, based upon how you feel when riding each bike. The one that feels better should be your choice! OTOH, the Cannondale CAAD 10 carries more status and has a touch of panache. However, that white wrap is sure to be a real PITA!
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    I know I would get the 12 F5. I prefer Shimano and the Felt frame is an excellent carbon frame. The F5 is a great riding bike and until you get to the high mod carbon it's the same frame F5 up to F2 I believe. Just fitted with better components and painted differently to reflect model #. Nothing wrong with CAAD, great bike and see them by the dozens when I ride. I am not getting a cow jersey and following the herd so to speak.

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    I ride a 2013 FC which is identical to an F3. Below is a cut n'paste from the Felt sub-forum of what Superdavefelt, who works for Felt and knows more than anyone, had to say about the 2013 F series differences:

    The F3 and FC used different molds and L/S because the 4 and 5 used rivet-on externally routed mechanical cable guides. The FC and F3 used the bolt-on mechanical external / Electronic Internal guides. The FC and F3 also use a lighter fork lay up - basically the F1 fork without nano-resin or 1.5k external carbon cosmetic weave.
    So essentially you are getting the same frame I have with a slightly heavier fork. Riding the FC was a pleasant surprise having ridden a Colnago CX-1 for a few years. The CX-1 is a solid performer in every metric and the Felt measures up well in every area. For the money I really think Felt is producing some very good quality and good performing frames. Also, their customer service has been outstanding so far with me. I had to crash replace a frame and had it turned around in 3 days! One thing to pay attention to is the F series head tube length (imo). It's more traditional in length so it's a bit shorter or aggressive than the CAAD. 15mm shorter in a 56!

    I've also ridden the CAAD 10 and really don't have anything negative to say about that bike either. It's a proven frame design and while folks like to say aluminum is harsh compared to carbon I just didn't feel it that way. To be fair I only rode one about 20 miles so maybe over longer distances you'd notice something.

    Either way you can't go wrong. I'd say which ever one fits better would be the way to go but, it's pretty easy to fit properly on bikes these days with all the adjustability of stems, posts, and seats. I also prefer SRAM for the ergonomics and shifting feel. Both good. Just different and easily felt when shifting. Test ride them both with the same wheels and tires if at all possible.

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