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    New Oakley Options (M Frame Pro vs Radar)

    I have worn Oakley's M Frame Pro's for many years and they are my favorite sunglasses. Unfortunately my lenses are getting old and scratched. I'd like to try some of the newer lens options, but Oakley hasn't made many new lenses for the M Frame lately.

    I still have many options for the M Frame and may just buy a new VR28 hybrid lens as that is my favorite for riding and driving in every condition except the absolute cloudiest and brightest.

    I am considering the new Radars. My only hesitation is I like the M Frame Pro's because they stay on my head, they have no hinges. I believe the Radars do not have a Pro version that has no hinges.

    Anyone with experience with the Radar and M Frame Pro want to comment on their impression of each?

    Thank you.

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    with the last 3 pairs of oakleys I've had, all were hinged, and none were problematic as far as staying on, until getting otherwise damaged. had an old pair of blades that got relegated to waterskiing use, and eventually got battered enough to loosen, and another found pair of M frames that got sat on by a drunken girlfriend, and lots there good grip, but still functioned, and a now 10 year old pair of 10's that have stayed in great shape, even with having the stems popped off while in a winter jacket pocket a couple of times, not major injury though.

    so without giving direct insight to your exact question, I can say that I've been happy with the stay on capabitilies of hinged oakleys in the past in general.

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    Same position

    Right now i am in the same position as you, i have been using the hinged M-frames for a while now and it seems that oakley has stopped making M-frames (at least no more cool looking frames and lenses) so i am considering the switch to the Radar's as well. But i had no problem with my m-frames staying on my head. Right now they are 6 yrs old and they stay on my head in all conditions, even in a boat going 50 mph.

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    i have the Radar with the VR28 lens, and love them

    every once in a while they are on chainlove for $72 and i think price point has some for $89 now.....

    definitely worth it for those prices

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    I have been using the M Frame pros and really, really like them. Recently, I was sent a pair of the Radars and I was highly skeptical. However, they are awesome. I do switch back and forth between the two but the Radars are more like the M frame pros in fit and function than any of the other Oakleys that I have tried.

    My only issue is a very small one: I have the fire iridium lens with the atomic orange frames. I like the colours but when combined it's a little too much orangeness. I was going to try to pick up some other lens colours, and the VR28s are at the top of the list. The problem is that I have to pay for extra lenses and they are big, big money. Aye.

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    Been debating about Radars versus waiting for the Jawbones. I haven't had a problem with the hinges on my current Oakleys. I like the VR50 photochromics, they pretty much work in every condition.

    Lynskey R210 | Miyata 1000

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    I have MANY pairs of both. Yes, I'm a bit of a junkie.

    Anyway, the Radars are fantastic - I think one of the biggest advantages/upgrades over the M-Frames are the fact that the all of the Radar lenses have the hydrophobic treatment which really works. I've been caught in the rain multiple times, and it's like looking through a windhsield with Rain-X....everything just rolls off and does not spot at all. As far as fit, the Radars are every bit as comfortable as the M-Frames - just a bit different. I like the new arm style, both regular and straight stem. The nose piece and arm contact points are comfortable and stay that way throughout a long day in the saddle. I've regularly had them on my face for 8-10 hours during 100+ mile rides and have never had a single issue with fit, comfort, or slippage.

    Man, if only the mighy "O" made a bike frame.

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    I find the M-Frames to fit a little more narrowly...having a bigger head, I prefer Radars. Neither one has ever show any real downsides. In my experience, the hydrophobic coating doesn't really do much...

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