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Thread: New Pedal

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    Seems the thread js going this way:

    How many pedals could a pedal peddler peddle if a pedal peddler peddled pedals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by craiger_ny View Post
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to craiger_ny again.
    Too old to ride plastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by dir-t View Post
    LOL, I've ridden Time Attacks on my MTBs for about 20 years. They seem to engage almost instantly and there's no reason I would ever change to a different pedal for MTB.

    The Look KEOs on my road bike take a second or two loner to clip into, and it does help if I look at them. But still, no need for me to switch.

    Is it bad that this has become my favorite thread to follow?
    I appreciate it but you'd be one out of the 350 million people in the country I probably couldn't sell it to (I am joking) I enjoy watching bike videos on Youtube, team GCN, who give all sorts of tips from climbing/sprinting/etc are constantly making remarks in their videos of how lucky they are saying "oops, clipped in first time" or "I didn't miss it that time" so obviously even some of the best riders in the world have issues sometimes. Just like automobiles, there are many different makes and models that all generally do the same thing. Maybe our pedal will find a niche as you do get in 100% of the time, on the first time. Just our thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxtox View Post
    sigh, your personal mileage means nothing in regard to the pedal you're trying to develop.

    neither my DA pedals nor my Look KEOs exhibit any 'slippage' this a big problem that's being experienced by users of other brands?

    'the function are tremendous'...? sounds like you'll be looking for Pres. Trump to do a voice-over on the ads.

    and Capt Obvious would note that putting them up against every other pedal offered is exactly what you'd be doing if they come to market.
    As far as my personal mileage, I do agree that it means nothing to the pedal. I was just trying to emphasize to everyone that I'm not a ten mile a week rider, that I am dedicated to riding and love the sport of cycling. My LOOK pedals that I had used for many years, obviously never slipped. Our point isn't slipping out of them, we want to get into them on the first attempt, every time. Then once you're in that you feel secure to be able to ride as hard as you want, without them slipping. Maybe our niche might be for new riders who want to start using a clip in pedal. I probably wouldn't be able to get the President to do a voice over, but I do hope to get a good report back from Gear Junkie after they do their testing. As far as Capt. Obvious, he is correct once again.

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