Just wanted to post some thoughts after my first fifty mile ride on some new shoes, and how the altered my numb toe issue.

I ride a 2011 S-Works Team HTC Roubaix, and have the S-Works shoes using Shimano Dura Ace pedals and SPD-SL 3 degree cleats. I am 6'1" 205 and reasonably fit - my US shoe size is 10.5 - I am also 40.

From day one I have had issues with my toes going numb at about the 24 mile mark on any ride, and the generally stay numb for about 15 minutes after a ride. I have been professionally fit twice by two different shops, and have tried several combinations of seat / post / cleat position on my own to try to stop this problem.

About five weeks ago I was in Italy and walked into a shop - they had several pairs of Sidi Wire Vent Carbon Airs, and the shop worker put several paris on me until HE thought they were the correct fit. He spoke no English - I speak spanish so we managed - he sized me at a 45 Euro, which is a US 11 to 11.5...

I had kicked around trying new shoes for this issue, but never was serious about it - but hey, I was in Italy, so I bought a pair in Vernice (all white) - these are the shoes:


In any case, I fitted them with a set of 1 degree cleats, and set the cleats full back and full out and then over the course of several 20 mile rides, adjusted the rotation of the cleats (heel out) until I no longer felt like my foot wanted to pop the 1 degree cleat out of the pedal under load.

I did this by lightening the retention on the pedal so that any twisting torque would tend release the shoe from the pedal.

I was very concerned about my knees and how not having these shoes / cleats set right could damage them.

After I got the shoes into a position I felt was right, I did a few 26 mile loops and then a 30. No toe tingles.

Despite the heat today in New England I decided I'd find out once and for all if there was a difference, and ran my usual 50 mile ring. The difference was night and day post 25 miles as my feet were perfect until about mile 48 when I got a very light tingle in the toes of both feet.

When I got home it went away immediately, which never happens, I typically feel like I have holes in my feet for 30 minutes or so.

In any case, the point isn't change to Sidis and all your problems go away - rather that despite fighting this issue for years, it was solved by making a big change to shoe and set up, and for anyone looking for a possible solution, there is hope!