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    One ride in two weeks! This weather is really starting to wear on me.

    The last time I went out on wet roads I crashed and burned and split open my grape. I don't do it anymore. Not worth the risk. Especially when you don't have health insurance.

    And I know it's spring in New England, but two weeks of the unrelenting damp and dreary is leading me deeper into a pit of depression out of which I fear I may never escape.

    So each day I walk past my bike, collecting dust, hoping the day will soon come I will be able to get back in the saddle and ride the day away along dry and sunlit roads.

    I don't know how people in the Northwest do it.

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    It's horrible. It has literally rained for 3 weeks in Ohio. Last Friday we had a decent day so my girlfriend and I get the bikes out, super excited to finally get to ride on a nice day. 3 miles away from the house and a rear spoke lets go and destroys my whole day of cycling. I was extremely bummed to say the least
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    We had high seventies in wisconsin this weekend. Tomorrow we'll be back to a high of 60, maybe.

    This has been a rough spring. I'm 500 miles behind where I was last year this time. ugh.
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    I can't tell you what to do, but you might consider learning to ride better in the wet. Crashes are not inevitable just because there's water on the road. I live in New England, too, and I haven't missed a day commuting in the last 2 months. Some pretty wet days. I can't remember the last time I crashed because of a wet road -- probably more than 20 years ago.

    Anyway, take heart. Forecast for the upcoming weekend looks a good deal better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotophage View Post
    We had high seventies in wisconsin this weekend. Tomorrow we'll be back to a high of 60, maybe.

    This has been a rough spring. I'm 500 miles behind where I was last year this time. ugh.

    Exactly...another Wisconsinite here. This spring has been terrible. I was just thinking about this on the way into work today as it's overcast and cool. We better get a long summer...or at least a great fall.

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    time to work on handling skills, maybe? Just gotta decide where your priorities are.

    I don't know if we've had more than 3 consecutive dry days in southern IN since Feb. But I have 2500mi in my legs -- including many rides in rainy conditions. And when the rain is bad enough, climb on the rollers .... better than nothing, IMO

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    I definitely agree. I do ride in the rain sometimes but am mostly a fair weather rider. It's been a huge bummer because when it's not raining I seem to be either at work or doing some other thing that needs to get done.

    I got so pissed this morning that I took an hr off and rode - didn't even tell the wife. It was as awesome as it sounds. I'll probably leave early too. F Da Man!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wood Devil View Post
    I don't know how people in the Northwest do it.
    Fenders and HTFU.
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    The weather has been awful, especially since I just started working at my LBS so I talk bikes 24/7 and can't ride... but this bad weather gave me the time to sell my Specialized Roubaix.

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    Well, here in coastal Maine, the weather finally broke and wife and I got out for a nice 20 mile scenic ride. Like the OP, this kind of weather makes you stir crazy :-)
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    South florida has been hot, but no rain. I wouldn't mind a little sprinkle on some of my rides.

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    And people complained when I asked about Thunderstorms...
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    I live in the Seattle area, and I have two bikes-- one for crappy days.

    I also use my second bike on the trainer when the weather really sucks.

    The trainer is a far cry from the open road, but it'll get the job done and help keep you fit!

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    Been windy in Northern California. Doesn't help that I've subjected myself to climbs for my convenience (so close to my house).

    I thought my performance was getting a bit soft as I've been wearing out fast though the week, but I found out that somehow my Mega Exo setup had too much preload on the BB.

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    When I hear stories like this, I'm thankful we never left Colordo for New Hampshire.

    Good luck OP. We've been getting a ton of rain out west too - only I've still been able to ride.

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    It has been miserable in most of the country this spring. Hell, most of the planet has sucked this year. You think it's bad as far as your personal amount of riding, try owning a bike shop! Reps are telling me that there are several shops on the verge of collapse right now due to poor sales because of the weather.

    I'm seeing fewer customers this year, but they're spending more money - so I'm not as bad off as some shops. Personal ride time though.... I think I've been out 4 times so far this year.
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    You work weekends OP? I agree the weather has sucked but it's broken every weekend I can remember for long enough to get in some good long rides without seeing a drop.

    Anyway if it's any consolation the summer before last started really bad......worse than this......but that year we had an amazingly nice and long fall. So hopefully this is a sign of a great fall.

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    Buy a bike at Salvation Army store for $15. Apply some oil to the chain and ride it in the rain - but don't worry about doing any other maintenance maintenance.

    Take it back and sell it back to the the Salvation Army store for $10 when you are done with it.
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