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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Versatile View Post
    An Open Letter to Bicycle Manufacturers

    Dear Bicycle Manufacturers,
    Open Letter to All Bicycle Buyers

    The problem is that you are not buying from the right manufacturers.
    My Co-Motion, my Calfee, my Tallerico were all delivered with the exact colors I specified. They were delivered with the components I wanted. They were produced with geometries that considered my input.

    Stop whining and buy from the right bicycle manufacturers.

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    I just happened to glance though the Velo News Magazine new bike review edition. I never really nocticed but I saw a lot of black bikes. Colors don't bother me that much. My old bike, a Colnago Master X-Light, has a gorgeous paint job, but try to patch up a paint chip. I think the matte black paint job is to save weight as paint does add to the weight of the bike. I sort of like the matte black It's practical.

    I am older than Mr. Versitale, thus I know more. And I am probably more cranky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Versatile View Post
    An Open Letter to Bicycle Manufacturers

    Dear Bicycle Manufacturers,
    I’m 75 years old and I’ve been cycling for a very long time. Not counting miles when I was a child, but considering post high school riding only, I’ve been at it for 55 years and hundreds of thousands of miles. In a serious, unfortunate crash this year, my carbon fiber bike’s frame was broken and I’m in the process of looking for a brand-new replacement bike.
    I remember long ago in the halcyon days of my relative youth, bikes used to be beautiful, flashy, colorful, fun objects. Bicycles used to look fast just standing still. They were painted in high gloss, bright colors like red, blue, yellow, orange, white, and almost every other imaginable hue, even the occasional black one. They were spectacular to behold. Some were even done in metallic colors. WOW! Something for everyone to love.
    Then somewhere around the mid to late 1990s the “red, black, and white” people came to the fore. Everywhere you looked you saw red, white, and black bikes. Red, white, and black, red, white, and black, red, white, and black, red, white, and black, red, white, and black, and then…even more red, white, and black. This went on for years, and years. I didn’t think it was EVER going to end. Oh sure, you could find bikes that weren’t red, white, and black, but you had to look for them.
    Thankfully, that era seems to have passed. Well, maybe I should retract thankfully part because now that era has been replaced by the “Dark Ages.” Black bikes have become the dominant gene in a huge way. Not only black, but flat black. You know…the stuff we used to call primer. Flat black bikes with glossy black decals, black components, black rims, with black spokes. Gee! How exciting can you get? Did some bicycle god die that these “funeral bikes” had to be created? Almost as bad, bikes that are available in actual colors are being produced in flat or matte finishes. Why? Did lots of people write in to complain about glossy finishes? Matte finishes are harder to keep clean, scratch more easily, and just look dull. Somebody told me that there’s a weight savings of between 40-60 grams if the frames are painted with matte instead of glossy finishes. (Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard even if it’s true)
    So here I am looking for a spiffy new bike, preferably one with a carbon fiber frame. I’ve looked on line at many major manufacturers. I found a bike that I liked a lot. It was pictured in a weathered asphalt gray matte finish. (NO, I’m not kidding or exaggerating) I emailed the company to see if it was available in other colors. The answer? Nope! I found another that could be had in either matte black or gloss black. I could hardly contain my excitement. I found lots of bikes that come in various choices of colors, but many of them are matte/flat finishes.
    So, here’s the deal. I’m not about to pay megabucks for a bike then have it stripped down, pay several hundred additional dollars, including the pain in the patoutie to have it shipped, then wait weeks, maybe months to get it back looking like I want it to look.
    QUESTION? Hey bicycle manufacturers! What the hell are you thinking? Can you imagine the consumer uproar that would ensue if auto manufacturers did what you’re doing? Yessir, you can take delivery of that brand new Cobra Mustang GT next week. What’s that? No, I’m sorry, it’s only available in matte finish pink.
    Only fat cyclists can get away with bright fruity candy crush feminine colors because they are already funny looking on the bike.

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