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    Project Mountain Cycle Moho Road.

    Hello everyone! I'm from, and being a Mountain Cycle fan, I want to do another Mountain Cycle project.

    I'm looking for a Mountain Cycle Moho Road frame. My plans are to strip the frame and polish it. I want to make it a fixed gear/SS, using a White ENO flip/flop hub to get chain tension. I want to run a carbon disc compatible fork, probably a Trigon, to run a disc brake up front, carbon bullhorn track bars and no rear brake. So, I am here to learn as much as I can.

    One question I have is: I have two sets of vintage Cook Brothers MTB crank sets. I would like to polish one of the sets and use it for this project. Can I do that? Or, being a MTB crankset, will the chain line be messed up? I guess I can get a square taper BB in what ever size I need to get a proper chain line?

    Also, I don't know anything about road bike sizing. I'm about 5' 9" tall. What size frame should I be looking for.

    What size BB shells to road bikes typically have?

    I probably have other questions, but I don't know enough about the road side to know what I need to ask.

    Here's a picture of a Moho Road:


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    Please, don't everyone reply at once.

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    Im serious!

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    I had a Moho STS MTB years ago. Stiff as hell. The BB shell should be 68mm if it is a Mountain Cycle. Can't speak to what you will need to make a MTB crank work in it. I would assume you could get a UN-72 or UN-52 (if shimano still makes them) with a short enough axel that it should work. Nice part about the UN72 is you could add a mm spacer behind the fixed cup to move the chainline if you need too, and the non-drive side won't be totally jacked like outboard bearing BB's. As for size, I rode a medium on the hardtail I had and am 5'9" so you should be fine. I stripped the powder coat off my Moho as well. It was a pain in the a$$ to get it out of the CNC section on the rear triangle. Best solution I found was aircraft grade paint remover from the auto parts place. I am guessing you will have to Dremel the inside nooks and crannies on the rear triangle.
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    i have one if you are interested

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    [QUOTE=spondella;4379289]i have one if you are interested[/QUOTE

    did you still have that frame , sir ?]

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