Hey gang
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The GF is getting in to biking a bit recently, so that prompted the decision to get a carrier for 3 bikes (my Mtn and road and her hybrid). I have a Subaru Forester which has a factory roof rack. However, in consideration of price and aerodynamics, I went the cheap route and looked for a trunk mount. The Forester has a hatch back type. I settled on the Thule 969. I originally ordered from PErformance who said they would be available on August 10; as the 15th rolled around and still no shipping confirmation, they couldn't confirm when they would have them in. Performance offered them for about $65. I looked around for other vendors, some sites said this model was no longer available, but I found them at Bean's for a bit more, around $85, and cancelled with Performance

I received the unit in two days, and even being a total newb at racks, I was able to mount the unit in about 10 minutes. It performed flawlessly, carried 2 bikes, no movement even on the interstates at highway speed. The unit unmounts in about 20 seconds, and I can now mount it in under a minute, no hassle to mount bikes, etc.

There seems to be a strong sentiment to do roof racks in these forums, but the rear mount offers an economical, aerodynamic alternative for some.