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    Rotor Power Cranks

    I have had a set for two months and generally I am pleased, I use a Garmin 500 as the head unit.

    I've tried to install the Rotor software - both 0.8 and 0.9 versions, but just don't seem to be able to get it to recognise my Garmin ANT stick. I have now tried two different WIndows 7 and two different WIndows XP laptops. The Garmin ANT Agent sees the ANT stick on all four, and pairs with a Garmin watch. The Rotor software insists it can't see the ANT stick on any system. I have tried removing the ANT Agent but it makes no difference. The Windows laptops all acknowledge insertion of the ANT stick.

    I've done a lot of internet searches and nobody seems to be flagging this up. Anyone using the Rotor software with a Garmin stick? Anyone using the Rotor software with another stick?


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    Sorry, no answer but a question: can you please post the Q-factor for the crank?
    Rotor lists it as 148mm, but some recent test (for the cranks themselves, not the Power meter) measured it at 145mm.
    Unfortunately there's no dealer in this area for the cranks, otherwise I would have gone there and checked it myself.

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    I've got a set of Rotor cranks in my parts bin. Not currently on any bike. What the heck are you talking about? Is this something new? AFAIK there is no software that comes with the cranks.

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