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    Sidi Genius 4 making clicking noise...

    So i've got my eggbeater's set up on my Sidi Genius 4 shoes. This leaved the foreward most screw empty and lose (the shoe has 7 screw points, cant think of the real word, but places where you can screw in a screw). Not a huge issue, but when i pedal, its floating around and makes nice clicking sounds with every turn. pretty annoying to say the least. tried putting the smallest screw in there and still was 1/8 : out of the shoe so it didn't tighten down... anyone have any idea on how i can "tighten" the front screw..

    sorry if this makes no sense, end of a long work day... i'll snap some photos tonight... didn't know if anyone else was running spd style sleats on sidi genius 4's and was experienceing this.


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    With a similar situation on a Carnac shoe, I've used a shot of some clear silicone caulk. Sets up in a couple of hours and peels back out if you ever need to use that screw.

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    Same here.

    Sidi Genius4, Look cleat... unused cleats holder floating clic-clic-clic...

    I should have thought of it before, and shot some silicone or foam or whatever. Now the cleat covers any access to the moving useless parts. Access from inside the shoe would mean destroying something. I wish I could have removed the useless noisy parts (and thus make the shoes lighter!).

    It's only too late because I am a paranoid cleat position freak and I hate to toy around with this interface. So I got use to it, besides it only really happen when I spin quite fast, or when I walk.

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    I had the same problem with my old Sidi 4's.

    Remove cleat, super glue adjustment doo-hickey in place, reattach cleat. Finito!

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    I've had the same problem,.try this

    cut a small piece of paper,..fold it several times to where you can jam it in between the front of the hoesl where the cleat screw in and the shoe,...screw in your cleats,..and you should be good to go.

    Test it by taking your shoe and move it forward and backwards in one hand as fast as you can,.back and fourth,..that should do the trick.

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    thanks all

    think i'll pick up some silicone and put it in... should work and i can always remove it if i change pedal systems at some point...

    thanks for all the help.

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