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    Question specialized bg comp, vs bg pro shoes??

    Anyone use both the BG comp and pro shoes. The comp has a 7.0 stiffness rating of its carbon insert sole whereas the pro has a 10.0 and full carbon rather than just an insert. Both pairs are extremely comfortable comapred to my current shoes. I feel the specialized has a bti bigger toe box. My only question is wheter the full carbon is worth the extra 90 dollars. Granted if i lose a race, either mountain or road, i can sleep well at night knowing that it probably wasnt my shoes, or any of my equipment that cost me the loss. 99% of the time it is problems with the motor. So i dont know that all carbon vs. carbon insert will make a big difference to me. Both soles seem quite resistant to flexing. Anyone have any comments on either one?


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    Pay the extra $90. I have had the Comp version for a while, and thought it was great and reasonably stiff. I then purchased the Pro version, and it is a much much stiffer shoe. I use the Comp version if its raining (the Pro version seems to take longer to dry out, for some reason), and they feel like I am riding in floppy slippers by comparison to the Pro version.

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