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    Are there rider weight limits for frames/bikes?

    I'm looking into getting a new carbon road bike. I ride a hybrid now w/ Wobler rims that are very sturdy. I first expressed an intrest in a Roubaix, but when i mentioned the weight concern at my LBS, the owner who is my size which is about 260 lbs, said that it could hold both of us put together. I certainly wouldnt want to put that to the test. lol. One frame i inquired about online I got a response that the weight limit on the frame was 70kg or 154lbs. If there are weight limits how can I find out what they are? If anyone knows about weight limits these are the bikes I am currently interested in the Trek Madone 5.2, Specialized Roubaix SL3, and Giant Defy Advanced 2. Would they be possible for my weight? Thanks for any input

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    I believe treks are 300
    Pinarello 240

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    It differs from manufactures according to some of their sites.
    Trek has this info on their site:

    we do have a weight limit on our bikes and they are as follows:

    Rider weight limit of 275lb:

    Road bikes with drop type handlebar
    Triathlon, time trial or Speed Concept bicycle
    Cruisers with large 26" tires and swept-back handlebar, Bicycles that fold.

    Rider weight limit of 300lbs:

    Hybrid bicycles with 700c wheels, tires larger than 28c, and flat handlebars
    City bicycles: hybrids with special equipment, cyclocross bicycles: with drop type handlebars, knobby 700c tires, and cantilever or disc brakes
    Mountain bikes of all types including: standard, race, cross-country, heavy-duty, trail, all-mountain, freeride, and jumping bikes of both the hardtail and full suspension variety.
    Combined Rider weight limit of 550lbs:
    Tandem bicycles

    Here is a good posts with the same or similar question...

    weight limits on carbon frames?
    Carbon Fiber Weight Limit

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    The Trek FAQ says:

    Is there a rider weight limit for Trek bikes?

    Yes, we have the following weight limits on our bikes:

    • Max rider weight of 50lbs: Trikester, in our Kids collection.
    • Max rider weight of 80lbs: All other bikes in our Kids collection.
    • Max rider weight of 275lbs: Road bikes, triathlon bikes, and cruisers.
    • Max rider weight of 300lbs: All other bikes, including hybrids, urban, commuter, fitness, Ride+ electric assist, cyclocross, and all mountain bikes.
    • The Transport and Transport+ can also support an additional 220lbs of cargo, distributed as 20lbs on the front rack, 100lbs on the rear rack, and 50lbs on each side load rack.
    • Max combined rider weight of 550lbs: Tandem bicycles.

    I'd imagine there are similar specs listed on the website of the other manufacturers.

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    For those bikes that you listed, I wouldn't be too concerned about that problem. However you might be concerned about the durability of some of those low spoke count wheels though.

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