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    Zipp Vuka v.s. Easton EC70 Clip On Aero Bar

    I just completed my first duathlon last weekend. Its extremely addicting as im sure some of you know. I placed 33rd out of 128. The bike portion was 12 miles and I averaged 19.19 mph. Needless to say I was passed by many tri bikes with carbon disk wheels and aero bars. I'm looking to put some aero bars on my 2006 Specialized Tarmac Pro.

    I've been doing some research and have boiled down to two different clip on aero bars.

    Easton EC70 Carbon Clip On
    Zipp Vuka Carbon Clip On

    I now have 3 questions for everyone.

    1. Does anyone have either bar or have a recommendation on which bar to purchase?

    2. I have a carbon handle bar. Is it OK to mount clip on aero bars to it?

    3. Also, how do I figure out what size I need to purchase S, M, L?

    Thank you

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    Well, since nobody has jumped in here yet, I'll give it a go. Why are you limiting your choices to carbon clips? Since you haven't rode on these bars, I'm guessing, why drop such serious coin? Normally, carbon bars and clip ons are kind of a touchy deal. The wrong ammount of torque can cause serious ammounts of dammage to 1) expensive handlebars and 2) you if you are riding them at speed. As for the measurement part. You'll have to check the mfgrs. pages for guidelines. If the bars aren't comfortable, you won't stay in them for the aero gain. I'd make sure you get a proper fit at the LBs or Tri shop to make sure you aren't wasting money and valuable time.
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    you'll need to check with the maker of your carbon road bar about clip-ons. The ones I have say not to clip anything on. I wouldn't bother with carbon clip ons-they don't have any weight benefit (not really an issue anyway with tris), or aero benefit. The profile T2 alloy bars are highly adjustable, including length, which for starting out is much better than having to cut something to size.

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