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    Campagnolo Super Record Deal!!!!!

    Last week I ordered super record rear der, crank and shifters from nashbar and to further make things interesting I'm a shop employee, LOL. The shifters and rear derailleur are below wholesale and the rear der was an extra 25% off and my 11% coupon code took more off all 3 parts. Now they have the crank I ordered an additional 20% off, I emailed them and hope they can credit the difference hoping it meets their satisfaction guarantee or what ever. Also the 11% of makes the crank cost less than the record crank a dealer has to pay. Wasn't too interested in the cassette

    I don't know how they are doing this and being a shop guy with employee deals even on campy stuff, I must say it's hard to beat those prices. Anyone wanting to jump on campy this is definitely a bargain, extra 20 or 11% not withstanding. Just wanted to pass it along despite risking that the brakes and front der I did not get might get sold out before they put those on an extra 20% off. You will however have to source a BB and chain from somewhere else as they do not have them in their inventory.

    Update 6/5/13: received the parts and from what I can theorize they must of bought out stock from one of the bike companies that were gonna spec Campy SR on their bikes. All the items came in campy branded plastic bags enclosed in bubble wrap. Where as if you buy it normally it comes in their own boxes. The shifters are IMHO a bit smoother than my 2011 chorus 11, you can shift 4 cogs while on cogs 1-4 and then 3 for the rest. you can dump 5 cogs while on the last 2 big cogs, and if your on the 3rd last big cog you can do six. On my chorus it was 4 cogs on cogs 1-3 and 5 cogs no matter where you were at. That being said and playing with EPS yesterday, I see no reason to get EPS, It didn't seem that much faster and the only benefit i noticed was not having to adjust for cable stretch. The CULT bearings are so fricken smooth that it makes me reconsider the ceramic bearings marketing hype. I think I'm gonna look for deals on the remaining parts I want, but not need, LOL, the front der and brake set. Hope others can jump on this it s really a beautiful group.
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    So, can you help me out with this great deal?
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    Just go to nashbar's site and add what parts you want from the site to the cart. Currently they marked the brakes and crank down a few bucks. Sunday they usually have a random 20% off on parts and will probably include at least 1 of the SR parts if you you want to wait it.

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