I just ordered a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt through Clever Training. I joined the VIP program through DC Rainmaker's website, so it was only $5. Clever Training gave me a $5 credit towards a future purchase. I used that for the Bolt. You can't use any coupon codes for the Bolt, but since I ordered it through CT, I got $24 to spend towards a future purchase. Also, CT offers 60-day returns, whereas Wahoo offers 30-day returns.

Wahoo is doing a "trade in" deal right now. If you purchase an Elemnt and mail them your old cycle-computer, they will give you an $80 rebate. It's only for the Elemnt though, not the Bolt.

Bottom line, this isn't an outstanding deal on the Bolt, but it's the best one I could find. I paid $250, and I got $24 in credit on Clever Training.