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    Request - Keep Hot Deals forum for Hot Deals, not asking about one-offs

    Hey guys, not trying to get on anybody's case here, but can we keep this forum for HOT DEALS, that is, deals that we think other people might be interested in buying themselves?

    Only reason for posting this is that we seem to have some people asking if a specific deal (like Craigslist offers) are worth buying. To me, that does NOT belong in the Hot Deals forum.

    If you want advice about a purchase, suggest you take that over to
    * General Cycling
    * Bikes, Frames, and Forks
    * Beginners Corner
    or one of the specific Manufacturer Forums.

    Hot Deals should be used for when you find a great deal on something bicycling related that you think others would like to get in on.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Well said! I was thinking about posting the same thing.

    Now let's hope we see some sweet deals over the 4th of July. I need some new gear.

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