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    Renegade Adventure Bike

    Been looking for a gravel grinder and saw the Renegade Expert. This looks like a good option, that could also serve well with bike packing, running urban errands, light XC mountain biking and a with a different tire choice, should be good as a relaxed geometry road bike.

    Anybody actually ridden one of these yet? If so, would like to hear your impressions.

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    Looks good on web paper... Got to be a very stout front end by the looks of the spec, postulation of course..

    Just commenting so I can subscribe to the thread...
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    I asked my local Jamis dealer about this bike. He told me that he would gladly order one but has no plans to bring any in as part of their inventory. He doesn't see the appeal. They look great on paper but like everyone else I really need to see one to know.

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    I emailed Jamis and they said that the Renegade won't be hitting the dealer floors until the end of March. I am very interested in taking a look at it.

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    Looks great on paper, I would love to get a chance to ride one. Does Jamis ever do demo days?

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    Jamis rep brought one by my shop the other day (I don't currently carry Jamie, but am considering picking up the line). Very nice bike. Lot of nice touches, like the removable rack mounts by the dropouts. Geometry is definitely more road than CX, which is good as a gravel/road bike. If I pick up the line, just may have to get one.
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    Thinking about picking up a 2016 Renegade Elite to replace my Ibis Hakkalugi. I use my Lugi for CX and Gravel stuff.
    Very similar geometry between the 2, but has anyone used a renegade for CX racing? Thoughts???

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    Awesome bike. Figured I'd throw that out even though this site is on its death bed and under hospice care...maybe someone will see it before it's too late....

    Renegade Adventure Bike-13507160_10154277498064291_6969735445329823587_n.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
    Awesome bike. Figured I'd throw that out even though this site is on its death bed and under hospice care...maybe someone will see it before it's too late....

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	13507160_10154277498064291_6969735445329823587_n.jpg 
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    Yours looks like the Elite. How are you enjoying it so far? I am interested in test riding one of the Renegade bikes.

    A couple of things that appeal to me in comparison to other gravel/adventure bikes:

    1) The most upright/relaxed position of any I've seen so far. I plan to use it for long rides, not racing.

    2) Very good quality components on versions down to the $2,100 Reynolds 631 framed Exploit. In other words, full Shimano groupos rather than sticking a cheaper FSA crankset in to cut costs. WTB rims too rather than entry level Alex rims.

    3) True compact gearing 50/34, compared to the mid-compact gearing 52/36 on other gravel bikes.

    It looks like a winner. I am looking for something I can blast down dirt roads with confidence.

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    How's that Renegade treating you?

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