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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolhand View Post
    I am still on a 6s cause I use that headphone jack. Once all the apps I used are updated for the new Face login over touch (especially my credit union app) I probably will grudgingly upgrade.

    Fair warning... While Apple does have a policy on how third part apps can use and access the Face Login aspect, there is no guaranty that a few apps might try to take advantage of that, and once your image (or rather the binary representation of your image) is out there, eve sanctions against the App developer will mean nothing.

    They can and have done (and have with Bluetooth, IMEI, wifi if it was left on) tracking your movements in places that use CCTV (think malls and stores), advertisers have in the past partnered with malls to send custom ads and specials based on where you are.

    Its a slippery slope.. worse if a rogue developer (this appears to happen more on the Android side, but Apple is not immune) creates an app to clone your login and then manages to login to apps that are utilizing the service (this is a little harder, much like touchid, the authentication subsystem is sandboxed and isolated from the general phone subsystems. That is not to say that cannot be bypassed (usually by rooting).

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    Tried it. Wont work if eyes are closed.

    "Pain is a big fat creature riding on your back. The farther you pedal, the heavier he feels. The harder you push, the tighter he squeezes your chest. The steeper the climb, the deeper he digs his jagged, sharp claws into your muscles." - Scott Martin

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIRT BOY View Post
    Tried it. Wont work if eyes are closed.
    Hmm. close your eyes and stick googly on.. see if that works..

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    Until there's a phone with bifocals built in all this fancy screen technology will be lost on oldtimer me.
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    Apparently, the face-recognition is actually a distance-between-eyeballs recognition. It screens your retinas for this measurement, which could be why it doesn't work with eyes closed.

    But I would imagine more than one person would have the same measurement? Guess there are many other parameters it goes by.

    Still rockin' my flip phone, but it's very low on memory/storage and it's a bit annoying. I can't get the photos off it unless I text somebody and they email the photos to me. My former flip phone was better- had a removable memory chip and video, plus a fun little daily news thing.

    Eventually, I'll cave and get an Android or something. Kinda miss the old antique Visor Handspring from back in the day, that had potential!

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