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    Apple is going NNC!

    Not that I would ever be caught dead wearing a stupid I-watch, but they have a lot of money to throw at this:

    Patent listings reveal pipeline innovations from Apple, Shimano and Praxis

    17 March, 2017 Mark Sutton

    Apple’s power grab

    "First of all it appears that Apple has an interest in a cyclist’s power data. An application for a patent filed last week indicates that data giants in cycling might soon have some very well-funded competition.

    Titled “Calculating an Estimate of Wind Resistance Experienced by a Cyclist”, the patent in question is for a device that would calculate acceleration, heart rate, wind resistance and even the road surface and rider stance as a factor, ultimately delivering a reading of rider power minus the expensive powermeter."
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    This is good news. This must/will reduce the price of all power meters currently in the market.... Then Samsung will join the party and take over giving the middle finger to everyone including Apple.

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    Have you heard of the Power Pod? If not, look it up, that's what this tech from apple is based on.

    It's a power meter that works based on air speed and pressure. DC has all the info about how good or accurate or whatnot it is, it's not bad.

    The apple watch thing will be the same.

    Pretty good and fairly accurate for the casual user that doesn't rely on really accurate power for anything, think most of us. For those that need accurate data that's reliable for competition training, it's not good enough. It's not reliable enough in all conditions.

    I think I remember that going over rough roads and cobbles and such was it's downfall. It's been a while since I looked into it though. But from what I remember it fails to work well on rough roads.
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    I'll save a bundle and accept what I know: I'm old and slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keoki View Post
    Then Samsung will join the party and take over giving the middle finger to everyone including Apple.
    Won't it burst into flames then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
    Won't it burst into flames then?
    iPhone considers it to be a feature and not a problem: Another iPhone bursts into flames, sending the owner to the ER ? BGR

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