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    Black Cats: Perform or die.

    Sunderland, meet your new manager: Roy Keane. This is going to be pure genius or a major debacle. One thing is certain, any Sunderland player who Keane sees as giving less than 100% every minute on the pitch will incur the wrath of Keane.
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    Keano huh?

    interesting. left field. wow.

    gritty, fight to the end, firm. if he coaches like that and instills those qualities in the cats then they could do well. that and they'll need serious money too.

    do you think he'll have the temperament to handle all the stuff on the side of the pitch? I can imagine some players not doing well under his style.


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    if i was a sunderland player i would be cr*pping myself.

    anyone who doesnt perform will no doubt be knee capped a la Haaland and promptly sacked by quin.

    getr ready for some free transfers just before the deadline.

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