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    Quote Originally Posted by azpeterb View Post
    The amazing thing is that scene was the first take...Brian Cranston nailed the pizza toss on his very first attempt! I think it would take me at least 20 times before I could nail the landing!
    How do you know?

    I'm willing to watch the episodes on the laptop, but John is trying to configure the old, fat-booty TV to connect to the computer. Staples didn't have the cable needed for this.

    Talked to somebody today about the show, he mentioned seeing an episode (the one where they got the meth head out of the house by digging a hole in the yard) and said it was great, but intense. He might give it another try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SystemShock View Post
    Mad Men is great, but I'll go with Twin Peaks Season 1 as my GOAT (Greatest of All Time) show, or season of any show, anyway.

    Just so far ahead of it's time. 1990 almost couldn't handle it.

    S2 was a different story, the network interfered and it showed. The recent S3 was a partial recovery, but you can never really recapture that initial, iconic, 'Holy sh**!!!' feel.

    Some of it is just surprise, the recognition that there's something entirely new under the sun.

    Yeah, Twin Peaks was utterly outstanding. Definitely in my top handful.
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    Got the first two seasons from the library, but the first disc is scratched and the DVD is acting up

    We did make it up to the point where Skyler confronts Jesse while he's got the body in the driveway. Tomorrow we'll have to download the episode(s) off Netflix and watch on the laptop while our free trial is still in effect (only got until the end of this month.)

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