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    CD's vs High Yield Savings

    I have a savings account with a brokerage firm and am currently earning 3.30% APY. They also have CD's. Their 1 year CD for instance earns 3.00% APY. They're both FDIC insured.

    Now, why would anyone want to tie up their money for 1 year on a CD if they can earn more money by opening up a regular savings account instead under the same bank?

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    Only thing I could think of is the savings rate might drop below 3%, whereas the CD is locked. It is pretty silly, though.

    ING direct has 4.5% interest on 18 month CDs right now, btw.
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    Thanks Joel, I'll check out ING Direct.
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    Duh - you can listen to a CD. Try that with your fancy schmancy savings account!

    //Check a local credit union, however they're probably not (maybe always not) going to be FDIC insured. My local CU is solid but this is more of a concern than it was in recent years... This spring, ING had some really good deals, but the local CU had something that was almost identical.

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