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    Chocolate covered mint Espresso beans

    I like chocolate. I like mint. I like espresso. Add them together and it is a big yuck. I've eaten all the chocolate off, do I chuck the beans or grind and brew a cup of coffee with them? Yeah there's spit all over the beans, maybe I'll brew this cup of coffee for someone else to drink...
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    OMG we could've done without the visual.

    The thought of "mint espresso" was gross enough!

    WASH those beans, then grind/brew. Can't be worse than cat crap coffee.

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    hmm pretty interesting..

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    I love chocolate, i like chili, add them together....and its a big yuck: The new (well its the first time i have set eyes on it in South Africa) Lindt Excelence Chili Bar.

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    I love peanut butter, and secks. Add them together...
    * not actually a Rock Star

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
    I love peanut butter, and secks. Add them together...
    don't look now, but Ascii and "his" dog are standing on your front step, peeking in the window....

    People who say, "Laughter is the best medicine.." have never been on the receiving end of a morphine drip..

    ноожеяз ай вщоw?

    A fool and his money were damned lucky to have bumped into each other in the first place.

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    It definately sounds like it can work, ratios and textures would have to be tweaked though...

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