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    Contact Lenz/Vision Question

    Do any of you'se guys wear mixed contacts? Ya for far vision and the other for near?

    My opti-guy suggested I try this for a few days, and so far, I feel like

    Does this saddle make my azz look fat?

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    What Hump Master?

    I have really weird vision. Because I was born with a dropped eyelid on my left eye that wasn't corrected until I was 3 1/2YO or so, I am very right dominate......I rarely use my left the Doc thought maybe she'd put a reading contact in my left eye and regular in my right.........

    It didn't work........for me.



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    Not contacts but lasik surgery. My eye surgeon suggested it because it would help with things like reading the speedometer and casual reading of stuff like menus and such. I went along because I thought it would be good and he would fix the near eye for free if it didn't. My problem was which eye should be near and which far. Since I hunt, my right eye needed to be for far vision (corrected accurately). However, my left eye is my dominant eye. He said this could take awhile to adjust to. Boy was he right! Took me nine months but I persevered and I like it, a lot. Sure, I still need reading glasses for reading books and computer work. However for casual reading and intermittent computer work it's fine without reading glasses. Intermediate distances are nice (like the dashboard). Overall I like it and it should be a lot easier to deal with using contacts than it was for lasik surgery.
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