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    Fini les ecrase-"manets"!
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    Design your own PowerBar!

    You even get to choose the name.

    It's a fun idea, I guess, but they're like $40 for a box of 12.

    If I'm paying nearly $3.50 per bar, they'd better be willing put print, "No really, it's not a turd" on the wrapper.
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    I want a custom recipe. Cranberry, Apricot, and Catfish. That makes a great name as well.

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    Brilliant business model!

    I get to do the work of designing the flavors, testing to see if they taste good or not, and I pay them for the privilege.
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    Overequipped, underlegged
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    its actually a good idea. unfortunately, i have better uses for 40 dollars.
    primarily, buying TWO boxes of tried and tested PowerBar. even if they do taste disgusting...

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    Only if I can haz beets in dem. Or salsa. That is all.

    I actually like the ones they have now - Apple Cinnamon to be specific.
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    Life Coach
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    A nice idea for a gift, maybe

    Or if you already have your $15,000 bike and need something else to spend on.

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    No beets?
    It's funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's hilarious.

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    Do a special request. I bet they'd do it.

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    had it in the ear before
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    Cliff bars pwn powerbars. carrot cake and lemon poppyseed especially.
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    There's no meat choices - I'd try a beef and orange, or perhaps teriaki (sp) chicken.

    I'd rather take the $40 bucks, go to the local hippie co-op, get the ingredients and do it myself...
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    Seat's not level
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    Hey, don't forget the S&H charges. Only $59 if you live outside the US and Canada!

    With shipping it's about $48 for a dozen. Nothing like $4 bar to choke down.

    Also no option for artificial colors. Man, if I'm going to pay that much, I want the bar to match my kit.
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    hummm.... could i get it with maltodexitrin instead of the HFC crap they switched to?

    I think i'll have a cliff bar thanx. Or a pb & j

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