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    Did Led Zeppelin share their wealth with JRR Tolkien?

    How many of their songs are about The Lord of the Rings or feature LOTR references?

    Gollum steals Plant's woman...

    Smoking pot in the park leads to them going to Hobbit land...

    Plant names his dog after Strider...

    Another drug fueled ramble about LOTR...

    Aragorn battles Sauron...
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    I wonder how many Key Lights and High Lifes I've drunk listening to Zep?
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    Don't forget Southern Blues. They covered "When the Levee Breaks," by Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy.

    NPR had a pretty cool story about music from the 1927 floods yesterday. Led Zep got namechecked.
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    It wasn't just Zeppelin... check out the lyrics to this Black Sabbath song, they've got medieval fantasy imagery on teh brain.

    LOTR just had a certain kind of underground 'cool' factor going during the '70s. A number of bands at the time picked up it, 'specially British bands, seems like.
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    Yeah, that was after they got done with their phase of stealing songs from old blues masters ...

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