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    Hmmm, think I might be leaving clinical practice...maybe

    Time for a change....looking at an opportunity to move into administration full time developing a new Center that will develop collaborations around the country and will focus on increasing value, re-engineering processes, examining population health, developing research on policy topics, and advancing health care systems.....

    Big decision.....

    My passion lies in policy.....but my career has been clinical.......

    Ugh....tough. FWIW, I haven't been officially "offered" the position, but senior leadership said literally I was the first person thought of by the group. Still have to go through the process.....

    I'm not going to sleep for a few weeks....
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    You're a smart guy who formulates his thoughts clearly and relays them well. I think it will be a good move for you.
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    The magic word is Passion.. You used it to describe what you want to do. I think you said it all with that one word. Go with your passion.
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    Life is too short to not do what you love.

    Enjoy the move!

    (besides, all of us here really need more smart guys working on policy, if you know what I mean)
    We'll be back soon, there will be more of us, and next time we won't be dropping leaflets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by physasst View Post
    I'm not going to sleep for a few weeks....
    but then never do, do you?...... To quote an old Poco song

    Lyrics | Poco lyrics - Follow Your Dreams lyrics

    I have lived this philosophy my whole life and tried to pass it on to my kids....... it bears a LOT of thought
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    I'd say jump at the policy job--Dog knows things need fixing and rethinking, and you are the kind of person who would help improve things.

    Passion is good--one of the people who interviewed my wife commented favorably on how she could see how passionate my wife is about her work.

    Oh, and maybe a Lounge-inspired program or two would be nice--I'm think at least a beet allowance or a pie deduction.
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    Go for it. We need good, thoughtful people like you in policy positions. I am sure that you will miss the clinical work. But, you have the potential to impact many more people in a policy position than you do in one-on-one clinical work.
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    Agreed, make the move, be the one to make positive changes!

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