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    How much you walk in a shift?

    Ok, this was kinda weird. I biked to my part time bike job and it was busy. I had no idea how busy. Here is what happened.

    I had accidentally left my app running and it was recording how far I was moving during my very busy 6 hour shift. Would you believe I walked almost 6 miles in a very busy 6 hour shift? I use this app every day to record my walks, hikes, commuting miles, mtn bike miles, and road bike miles.

    No wonder I was feeling a bit tired. Lol lol I know I walk alot in this job, I just wasn't aware it was that much.


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    How much you walk in a shift?

    I used to sell furniture, on a busy weekend shift it wasn't uncommon to put in 7-8 miles.
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    Had a job in my salad days, loading trucks with flour bags. We figured out that every truck ended up being about a 4 or 5 mile walk.

    That was with 100lb. bags of flour on my shoulder, by the way. It was a physically demanding job.

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    I used to work in a Ford factory, several years ago. I wore a pedometer for two years and averaged 3 miles of walking per day, every day

    I also had a three wheeled bike and put a mike or two on it every day. I was responsible for machines in several area throughout the factory. I was always running back and forth between areas to help maintenance crews keep machines up and running.
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    from my office to the production facility is probably 90 yards plus a flight of stairs
    I do 15 trips daily it seems
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    I work in an assembly plant and average 13,500 steps/day.

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    I dunno, but she tells me every night how far her Fitbit says she walked, groan.
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    I bought a pedometer to measure some apres-work activities. When I wore it at work just for kicks, I discovered I averaged 3 miles per day.

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    I don't know how much I walk in a shift, but it's probably not enough. I spend too much time sitting on a chair in the cleanroom trying to keep tools from faulting.

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    During a typical business day I walk about 10 feet to the kitchen, several times. To the terlet is maybe 40 feet. If it's nice out, I might walk 4 feet to the backyard and enjoy the day for a while.
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    I have no idea in terms of distance. I spend my entire time at work on my feet. Not one minute is spent sitting (unless a trip to the throne room becomes necessary). But the majority of that time on my feet takes place within an area about 10'x5'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
    During a typical business day I walk about 10 feet to the kitchen, several times. To the terlet is maybe 40 feet. If it's nice out, I might walk 4 feet to the backyard and enjoy the day for a while.
    Good thing you got that standing desk!
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    I don't wear a shift. HTH.

    I work in an office and I would be surprised if I walked a mile per day once I got to the office. I walk a mile or so everyday, just to keep alive.
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