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    Quote Originally Posted by redondoaveb View Post
    How to piss off a frog
    Tell them that French cinema is overrated?
    Monkhouse: I want to die like my Dad did, peacefully, in his sleep... not screaming in terror like his passengers.

    SystemShock: About Faux News/the Right-Wing Bubble™ – the first thing a cult does is claim that everyone else is lying to you.

    ROMNEY LANDSLIDE! Man its going to be fun in PO after Election Day

    I'd rather fellate a syphilitic goat than own a Cervelo.

    Seamus: Saw Bjork poop onstage back in the day. It blew my teenage mind.

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    How to piss off a frog

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    Quote Originally Posted by SystemShock View Post
    Tell them that French cinema is overrated?
    That may irriate him a bit.

    Tell him that Jerry Lewis is overrated FTW.
    Does this saddle make my azz look fat?

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    Frog 1, idiot with phone zilch.
    Quote Originally Posted by bigrider View Post
    Teh Lounge- "Its not just for weirdos anymore. It is for those trying to escape the noobsauce questions."
    Quote Originally Posted by QuiQuaeQuod View Post
    Trolling the lounge is like noodling for piranha.

    The Daily Grind Cycling Journal & Tailwind Coaching

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    I don't know the best way to piss off a frog but I know the best way to eat one... leg over each ear.

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