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  • Place order as soon as we hit the 15 min. kits (+$25 S&H)

    2 40.00%
  • Place order when we hit 30 kits (+20 S&H)

    2 40.00%
  • Wait for +50 price break (+$15 S&H)

    1 20.00%
  • Blow round two off completely

    0 0%
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    Lounge Kits, Rd. 2 Poll

    See the stickied major announcement
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    If waiting translates to making the order 6 months from now, I'd say pull the trigger now.

    If it just means we wait a few weeks, I'd say "OK, whatever.."

    Of course, as has been previously noted, anything placed after the end of Feb will be in their busiest time, so processing the order will likely take longer.

    we've already hit 15 kits? or was that only jersies?

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    I understand that these are hard economic times for folks. But let's be honest about a $5 difference. That's the cost of 2 Lattes at your favorite coffee house. For me its the cost of a single Latte the way I order it. If it means I get he Kit faster I'm up for paying the extra $5 in S/H charges. Now if we wait until the 50 order that is significant at 10bucks but still I am one of those people that wants immediate gratification. I wasn't around for the last kit order or wouldn't even be posting here. I voted so there it is.
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    To me, this is really simple. No poll required.

    1. Set a deadline. Perhaps, Feb 2.
    2. Announce the deadline. No more orders after that date.
    2. On Feb 3, place the order.

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    I'd say wait a month and then pull the trigger with whatever you got. Mine basically fits but I'd love to get a couple rides in with them to see if I want to go bigger on the jersey or smaller on the shorts. Sitting on the trainer isn't the same and I'll be closer to summer riding weight in a month. Just a thought.....

    I think some are waiting to see how they fit on the bike or after getting a little further from the added holiday weight gain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mohair_chair
    To me, this is really simple. No poll required.

    1. Set a deadline. Perhaps, Feb 2.
    2. Announce the deadline. No more orders after that date.
    2. On Feb 3, place the order.*t or get off the pot.
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