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    The magic of theater...

    As an act of solidarity, we went to the last night's performance of a community theater production of one-act plays, since our neighbour (who's also a musician, businesswoman and completely solid) was performing in one--back on stage for the first time for decades. (She was great--who knew she had great comic timing?)

    The sketches were uneven in performance and quality, but couple sketches by a young black woman playwright (Misha Templar Sinclair) were so well-written and well-performed that even with a nearly-bare stage in a nondescript church basement, you felt yourself being transported into another world--of the raw wounds from someone else's upbringing, or the difficulty of defining yourself as a woman against the dominance of the man in your life.

    I was reminded of a student production of Hamlet I saw at Cambridge, performed on a simple dias in a medieval building--no props, no costumes, nothing--just the words and voices of the actors carrying all of us into another world in a darkened room.

    Theater is magic.
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    I agree. I go to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival every year.

    It's a bit hit-or-miss, depending on the play of course, but when it's good, it's good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paredown View Post

    Theater is magic.
    Absolutely ^^this^^. And your evening sounds wonderful.

    I had been exposed to very little theater before I moved to Seattle. I was fortunate to make friends with a theater junkie and his partner. The first performance I saw was a collection of one act plays called 14-48 where they write, cast, rehearse, and perform 7 acts in 24 hours and then go home and come up with 7 more in the next 24 hours. One of them was about a bachelorette party where the bride is telling her girlfriends about her fiance's small "size". When the groom comes in, they want to see the part in question. The man dropped his pants right there on stage! For a small town girl from the south, I just about died. Welcome to Seattle theater .

    I have also been privileged to see Lion King, Ruined (a play about the plight of women in Congo), and my favorite was "Next to Normal" which was a musical about mental illness. It was really powerful, way more powerful in theater than it would have been in a movie. Theater is magic

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