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Thread: The Mail Box

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    The Mail Box

    Ok, not a rant, just sayin;....and no offense to our wonderful mail-persons.
    Had not checked the box in 4 days...Oh no. Well went through the mail today and besides a Cabala's and Lands End Swim Suit catalog, nothin, just total junk to feed the recycle bin.
    Apparently, I must have good credit and wx looks good for a ride tomorrow!! TGIF

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    You just need to order more bike stuff.

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    The mail box...

    ...doesn't exist where I live. Well, the home model doesn't. Everybody has a P.O. box. If you want your mail, you have to go to the post office and get it. Mine goes some pretty ridiculous stretches unchecked at times. I do my bill paying and things like that online so, unless I'm expecting something specific in the mail, I don't worry about it much.
    Crusty old farts are people too.
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    I have a PO box also. I check it once a week. Rarely is there anything of importance in it. I basically keep it for jury duty summons, tax stuff, and the occasional check from my side business.

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