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    Nimoy Visits Vulcan

    Thought this was cute...

    VULCAN, Alberta (Reuters) - This Canadian small town has been obsessed about all things "Star Trek" for as long as anyone here can remember, but denizens always felt something -- or someone -- was missing. Until Friday.

    Leonard Nimoy, who will forever be Mr. Spock from the 1960s TV series, finally fulfilled the dreams of the farming community that shares the name of the character's home planet by paying a visit.

    His remarks to Vulcanites, many decked out in their homemade "Star Trek" uniforms, were, well, logical.

    "I have been a Vulcan for 44 years -- I figured it was time I came home," the 79-year-old actor said to wild cheers at a ceremony at the center of the town.

    Vulcan, a community of 2,000 people about 100 km (62 miles) southeast of Calgary, has for years identified with the legendary sci-fi TV show. It has become a tourist draw, especially for hard-core Trekkies.

    There is a model of the USS Enterprise space ship at the turnoff from the highway. Pictures of Spock as well as space scenes adorn buildings downtown. Town officials look for any opportunity to put on their uniforms and pointy ears.

    ... more at

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    Leonard Nimoy is 79?

    Depressing thought of the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SystemShock
    There is a model of the USS Enterprise space ship at the turnoff from the highway.
    Here it is, courtesy of Google:
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    I saw it on CNN this morning. I don't know why I thought it was so funny but I could not stop laughing. I guess I'm imagining a whole town of trekkies and I can't fathom the thought. The pictures of parade floats with Nimoy on top threw me over the top.
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    Riverside, Iowa - Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk

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    The first summer I lived in Calgary I went for a road ride east of the city, a meandering tour with no map, plan, nor clue what to expect other than to get in a long ride on flat terrain. Part way into the afternoon I got a surprise when I cruised into the town of Vulcan and saw the USS Enterprise model. WTF! After raiding the local gas station for gatorade and a few Snickers bars I went back to see if I'd just had a mid-bonk mirage. Nope. It was still hovering in mid-air, ready to launch out at warp factor 7 at Cap'n Kirk's command.

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    On a sad side note, apparently Nimoy stated last week that he was retiring from acting, in order to concentrate on his photography.

    His final acting appearances will be on the Fox TV show Fringe, where he plays scientist/corporate tycoon William Bell.

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