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    NLCS - Brew Crew vs Cards

    i am not a boig fan of baseball, but i like the brewers. im not sure if its because they have the greatest logo in mlb history (ball mitt logo), the sausage race or miller park is such a great place to see a game. i love thet fact miller park becomes "wrigley north" when the cubs visit, yet the cubs didnt make the post season. again.

    the nlcs has the potential to elevate to fisticuffs this year. for some reason the cards and brewers decided to start hating each other this year. its almost like the cards decided that since their pitcher died in chicago a few years back they couldnt hate the cubs, so they moved the vitriol north of the cheddar curtain. this is the first time i have been excited about baseball since the cubs blew the nlcs. i just hoe the brewers dont do the same thing. they almost didnt make it this far last night...

    btw, my sister called all ecstatic. her husband is news/sports photog in milwaukee and was covering the game. he covered the game they clinched a playoff berth and got some "players only" schwag. last night he shared an elevator to the press box with chris berman. i mentioned if the brewers make it, her hubby will have benn oin the field when the packers won the nfc title at soldier field (he is a lifelong bears fan), spent super bowl week at parties and covering the players, was on the field for the packers superbowl win, and may get to be on the field if the brewers get to the world series.
    i didnt even bring up the possibility of a wisconsin bcs run...
    lucky bastige.
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    Did Berman call anyone Leather? Pick up any chicks?
    Dictated but not read.

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    Playoffs and wild card teams... the mediocre get to try again, hoping to get lucky in a 5 game series. At least the Yankees don't get to line their pockets this year going down to the line in the playoffs and series. Go Cubbies!!!!

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    Prince Fielder was funny last night on MLB network postgame. He was chatting with Harold Reynolds & Dan Plesac with his kids hanging out with him. Then his kids start spraying him with water bottles. It was funny as hell

    I love baseball clinch parties with the champagne & beer baths

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    Both lcs are a networks nightmare.


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    Here's hoping for a Brewers vs Rangers World Series.

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    Bummed my phills didn't make it but St. Louis out played them going to be rooting for the Brewers the rest of the way.

    A Det vs Mil series would be wonderful..

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