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    Sound like you need to find a few guys/gals to ride with.
    I too hate large group rides. People riding 3 abreast blocking traffic and making it difficult for everyone.

    Twelve people is the biggest group I can stand. I have a group of four that I ride with a couple of times a week. It is a hard ride and we always lose one person but we wait at the next intersection. (last year it was me, but not this year). A great mix with really good folks. After the ride we hang out, listen to music, have a couple of beers, throw the disk, or watch cycling.

    Riding faster and pushing yourself will make your solo rides even more enjoyable.

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    What really ticks me off I guess is that this was sold as a friendly group ride.

    And I get that there's always gonna be a group of really fast guys that take off early and you never see them again. That's normal. I understand. But then the field breaks up and, now what?

    Once things break up, why bother riding with a group? Seriously- I'm now riding alone, Just with the knowledge that stretched out 2 miles in front and 2 miles in back are another 40 or 50 riders. Some of whom are pissing off drivers enough to make them yell at ME.

    And you roll up on a group of 3 or 4 or 5 riders and say, "hey, mind if I ride with you guys for a while?" and you get a shrug, followed by silence. Or at least, I do.

    I get the advantages of riding with a group, that's why I always give it a try- I like the idea of being pushed faster. I don't race and I never will, but I do see the benefits. But honestly, if I just end up riding alone, why bother?
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    Your Logical-to-Dumbass ratio is way out of kilter, buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Touch0Gray View Post
    EVERY group of Loungers I have ridden with has been a great time....and very much looking forward to 24 hours of Booty in Indy
    And if the lounge met every week to ride, that's be great... but until then, I gots nuthin.
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    Your Logical-to-Dumbass ratio is way out of kilter, buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by asciibaron View Post
    i see you finally made it home
    it's a long way to tipperary.

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    lounge rides are fun.

    other group rides i have been on reminds me of driving. anyone who goes faster than you is a maniac. anyone slower than you is an idiot.
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    I ride thousands of miles solo, so a group ride is always a nice break from that.

    we have a 23-mile Tu/Th group ride that's been going for at least 5 years and it's usually the highlight of my week.

    it's been all over the map in terms of size and types of participants.

    at its largest, we had 20 riders showing up, from cat 2 to noobs...we'd typically break into two segments (faster/slower), the faster riders would hammer down, but then we'd reform the pack at the turnaround point and generally complete the return portion as a single group.

    at its smallest, it was just 2-3 people showing up, but it was still enjoyable. we'd push each, chat about stuff, and occasionally grab beers afterwards.

    we now have a solid core group of 5-6 riders and a couple of less-regular types that show up randomly. everyone looks forward to meeting up, getting in a quality workout, and socializing.
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    Start your own group rides.

    your people, your vibe, your rules.

    don't be a &$%^@ victim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotophage View Post

    I know part of this is my problem-

    Sorry, I suck, whatever but I just don't get it.
    You talk too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollywood View Post
    start your own group rides.

    Your people, your vibe, your rules.

    Don't be a &$%^@ victim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dek View Post
    ...nasty comments about aluminum bikes...
    people who make nasty comments about aluminum bikes piss me off.
    * not actually a Rock Star

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    I thought the point of group rides was to use it as an excuse to drink beer after the ride.

    Some groups I like riding with, some I don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
    people who make nasty comments about aluminum bikes piss me off.
    That's why I only ride bikes made of magnesium
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotophage View Post
    ...And you roll up on a group of 3 or 4 or 5 riders and say, "hey, mind if I ride with you guys for a while?" and you get a shrug, followed by silence. Or at least, I do...
    From one introvert to another, sometimes you just gotta jump in. When you join up in a little group, introduce yourself, make small talk...IOW, be social. It's not easy at first, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. I know you already know this, but it helps to sometimes be reminded by someone else.

    Also, like HW mentioned below, start your own group. Surely you have a few friends who ride? Round them up and start hitting the streets.
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    Two reasons for me (although I hardly ever do group rides):

    1) After a solo ride, I just go home and deal with normal daily stuff with the wife, kids, house, cars, etc. But after a group ride, there's always beer.

    2) I have no sense of direction (I've gotten lost on no less than 3 marked centuries with cue sheets!). So when I ride alone, I ride the same routes all the time. it takes me years to get up the nerve to ride somewhere unfamiliar. With a group, I can ride new places and routes, and (usually) not get lost.

    the last group ride I did (2 years ago), I ended up cruising along with just me and 2 hot women in our 3 person group. This went on for 3+ hours. It was a good day! We did get lost, just a little, but I wasn't concerned.
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    What type of tang does it have?
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    The ones I made had a poo tang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
    And I feel obligated to point out that every single time I've done a lownje ride, I have crashed.

    Be advised.
    The endo at White Rock Lake was teh funny too!

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    I do group rides so I can listen to others babble rather than the voices inside my head...
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    Group rides (the great big organized kind) can be a sort of bike fashion show as well. I don't know where else I would have discovered such gems as the horizontally mounted bike flag (sticking out about 3 feet from the right-hand side of the bike), vertical bar-ends, and homemade day-glo bodysuits (with hood and recumbent, rawr!).

    Seriously though, my club has a standing Thursday evening ride that has been going on since 1996. Some weeks it's the only bright spot, sympathetic folks sharing a common experience, and having tacos & margaritas afterwards, what's not to love?

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    I think the larger the group riding in the group ride, the more you need to show up so they kinda get to know who you are. I prefer small groups or riding by myself but used the once a week group rides to figure out who I'd prefer to ride with in small groups and who had a similar skill set to mine. If you're only going out once a year or ever 3 months it's hard to figure out who they are and vice versa. I've gone on group rides where I just showed up for the first time and got along with everyone but that was a smallish group of about 8-10. IME, the larger the group the longer it takes to get on with them...and nearly impossible on just a single ride.

    Edit: Never had a bad experience with a Lounge ride of any size. Good peeps there.
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    For me, group rides are to see how slow I really am, so I can push myself harder when I'm alone so next ride, I can hope (in vain) that I'll be just a little bit faster.
    It's also good to be able to draft off of others.
    And a bigger variety of foods at rest stops,
    and following behind the women.
    Can't tell you anything about a lounge group ride. Tried to get peeps to join my MS150 team so we could be our own rebel group on day 2, but everyone chickened out.
    Currently looking into an out of town short road trip for the first of June too...
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    pros and cons

    I ride a fixed gear, which basically doesn't play well with others on hilly rides anyway.

    1. May force you to go faster and get in better shape.
    2. May force you to go slower and avoid over training.
    3. Having bad day? Suck wheel.
    4. Use all your spares? Someone will have another (unless you are using 24" tubulars).
    5. Big dog attacks? Just beat at least one person.
    6. @$$h0le$ in cars may be less of a concern.
    7. Someone to talk to.
    8. Don't have to carry your phone. Someone will have one.
    9. Someone around to take your picture.
    10. Meet people. Bike girls are always hot.

    1. May force you to go too fast and you throw up.
    2. May force you to go too slow and you waste time.
    3. Lots of cyclists are jerks and you may not like riding with them.
    4. Idiots may crash you out.
    5. Following riders who don't shower or wash their bike clothes.
    6. People show up late, stop too often and too long, and it takes much longer to get your ride in.
    7. You may not get to do the ride you'd planned.

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    Can't wait for the end of the school year when I can start hitting the Wednesday night rides. I'll get dropped for a few weeks, which will suck, hang for a few weeks, which will be ok, and, if all goes well, turn the screws for a few weeks, which is the whole point. Then school will start again and I'll go back to having parental responsibilities on Wednesday nights until next year.
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