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    Now here's a button I want to push

    Currently coming to Dubai. I'm thinking we need to get this over here right quick.

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    That's just have one preferred order on record, and press the button once for each pizza you want....for example: press twice if you want two pizzas.

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    That's pretty sweet. Is it common for TV commercials to be in English in UAE? Do they mix them in the regular stuff or are there different language channels?

    The little target thing on the map made me flash back to my Navy days (early 90's). We'd take a cab from Jebel Ali into Dubai and would drive by that golf course. The little island of lush greenery in the middle of the desert always amazed me. Probably not as much as those palm tree islands they have there now though.

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    is that real or a joke?

    here are the problems i see:
    1) only one type of pizza on record? can you have two or three buttons for different pizzas?
    2) if you have kids they could press it whenever they wanted.
    3) if you have friends they could press it whenever
    4) you have to leave the couch.

    seriously. just develop an app. you can build the pizza or store your "favorites." launch the app, tap the pizza you want and submit. all from your couch. you dont have to walk to the fridge! heck, you can pull it up if you are headed home so the pizza can get there about whe you do.

    this coming from someone who rarely orders pizza
    I don't normally "do people." - Dr. Roebuck

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    Looks like it's real - at least as real as I can tell for a gadget for a pizza place that according to the website is in Dubai. There's a "how it works" video on this page: Red Tomato Pizza - Authentic Italian Woodfire Pizza

    Really, I just like the giant mezzaluna that they used in the commercial to cut the pizza.
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