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    And now for the long ride back down the hill...

    I turned 40 seems like life just got a whole lot easier now that THAT'S out of the way.

    Some things I've noticed today...

    Quite a few people I talked to today had a hard time with turning 40. It didn't phase me. Yet. I may just be slowen down

    I am a lot younger than I thought I was. I always thought 40 was kinda old - but on my ride today I noticed I didn't feel much different than I did at 30. Or 20 for that matter.

    I feel pretty content, or indifferent maybe. Even when things don't go well I just don't care to get upset about it.

    I think I'm just all around happier knowing I'm done with a lot of the "basic training" in life. I can sit back and watch people freak out over I used to.

    I can ride 40 miles for the hell of it.

    I am a much nicer person these days.

    FB won't let you forget your bday.

    My friends and family have become more impt to me than ever.

    What did you think of turning 40?

    Saw this on the way to my ride today
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    "Another shot of the 6th Street Bridge. I guess I'm feeling sentimental because word is they're going to tear it down and build a replacement." DrRoebuck

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    Happy birthday - I'm getting ready for 45 on Tuesday. I'm in kind of the same boat you are - I don't feel much different than when I was 30. Aside from the eyesight getting a little fuzzier, I don't feel like much has changed.
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    40 wasn't so bad. 41, on the other hand...

    Happy bd.

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    Turning 40 wasn't much different than when I turned 50 a couple weeks ago, pretty much meh.
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    Hell, you're just a kid!

    Don't know about you, but I consider myself to be a loooong way from the downhill slope

    Oh- and Happy Birthday!
    We'll be back soon, there will be more of us, and next time we won't be dropping leaflets.

    “The problem with quotes on the internet is that it’s hard to verify their authenticity” – Abraham Lincoln

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    Toughest birthday for me was 25.

    "Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDex View Post
    Toughest birthday for me was 25.
    Me too.

    Happy Birthday 180!
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    Happy Birthday kiddo!
    I know we just met and this is crazy....

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    Happy Birthday!

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    happy birthday!

    <-- turning 35 on Sunday.
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    Happy Birthday.

    22 was the only birthday that was a little bit disappointing. It was the first time I was only a year older and not approaching any privilege milestones. I'm 45 now and agree that I don't feel much different than I did then. I don't play football any more because falling down hurts more, but other than that life is good if not better.
    Often wrong, never in doubt

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    Turning 40 wasn't a big deal whatsoever. I'm faster now than I've ever been. At 30 I thought running 10k was impossible and now that would be my short run. I can afford more but want less. I still feel 20 and act that way far too many times.

    Can't wait to see how fun 50 will be.

    Happy birthday
    You get all the sleep you need when you are dead

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    You'll know that you're old when you can't get your HR up to 190 anymore.
    If your opinion differs from mine, ..........Too bad.
    How would you like it if Hitler killed you


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    If you feel wimpy and weak, get out and train more, ya wee lassie!

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    Hey old lady...

    hey old lady, watch where you're riding!! j/k

    congrats on your b-day and your ride. now get some lights next time.
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    Hey PDex & Snap. I agree. 25 was much more traumatic...probably because I was in my twenties and still neurotic as hell. (Now, I'm just neurotic as heck.)
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    I'm just 8 years older than you and don't feel much different. Congrats!
    my music is online at aliensporebomb dot com yes indeed.
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    Just saw this....happy birthday.

    Things of quality have no fear of time.


    " the complete lack of Empathy!"

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    No one is as bad as the worst thing they have done & no one is as good as the best thing they have done.........think of that when you feel like you understand someone.

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