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    Possibly moving to Houston update

    Some time ago I posted a thread about a possible job prospect in Houston.

    I was approached in January by another company. It was basically said to me "You should come work for us. You could name your price". This came from someone I have known for 12 years. I called her up and talked about the possibility, and then talked to the VP (who I have also known for 10+ years). They were really pushing me hard, made it seem like they really wanted me. They wanted me to come down for a tour and an interview.

    Had said tour and interview March 25-27th. My last conversation with the VP at the end of the day consisted of "I'll have no problem offering you a significant increase over your current salary" and "What I'll do is draw up an offer and send it to you".

    Well, that was 2 weeks ago. Since that time, nada, zinch, zippo. I could easily contact them and say "what's up?" but, they were recruiting me, not the other way around, plus the interview was left with the next step being I was to receive a formal offer of employment.

    I kept my current company in the loop as to what I was doing, and they had no problem with it. However, they were interested in knowing asap whether I was staying or not. So I told them and the missiz if I hadn't heard from them by April 6th, I would assume they were not interested.

    I'm on my way to the county Department of Construction to file my application for my garage/shop. Once that's approved, that's the end of it.

    Going to have to corner my friend over a beer at the next conference for one of those WTF! conversations
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    Mmm sounds like you were never all that excited about it anyway.

    If I was that VP, I would've been noticing the same vibe, thinking, ok if he wants it he'll call me....

    Just speculation of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy69 View Post
    I could easily contact them and say "what's up?" but, they were recruiting me, not the other way around, plus the interview was left with the next step being I was to receive a formal offer of employment.
    I might give them a call anyway, just to close the loop. Yes, they were recruiting you, but there isn't any rule that you can't call them to follow up especially if (1) it is a job that you might be interested in, and (2) they are offering bushels of cash. Indeed, they might think it odd that you haven't called, given the apparent tenor of the discussions.
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    Andy, for some reason I get the sense that you're more experienced with job offers etc than I am but IME 2 weeks between discussions and recieving an offer letter isn't that unusual. In fact, my wife is in this exact same situation right now. She had 2 meetings with the new employer where salary, bonus, and benifits were discussed and my wife said that her start date would be function of when she had an offer letter in hand (wants to give current employer adequate notice but isn't about to do that without a formal offer letter). Today is a bit over 2 weeks since the discussion. Turns out the HR guy was on spring break with his family and is just getting back to work.

    I experienced the same thing when I returned to work at my current position after leaving for a year. The boss and I were ready to go but it took a few weeks for the HR red tape to get cut through.

    I would give a call to say that you haven't recieved any letter and were curious whether it had been sent out yet. That is, if you really want the job.

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    Nothing wrong with calling the friend and saying, before I do "X' just wanted to know if an offer was coming or not.
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    Build the garage if you weren't that serious anyway. Money surely isn't everything, happiness trumps.

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