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Thread: Riding BMX

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    Riding BMX

    I know a lot of us ride MTB, but how about BMX. I did as a kid, now that my kids are starting to race I decided to enjoy the fun with them. Last week was 30 years since I went down the starting hill past the gate.

    If you do ride, cruisers or 20 inch. I got a smoking deal on a cruiser from a neighbor the other da, but am in the air on what I want to ride. Just donít know if I can get used to a 20 inch bike after being on road and mountain bike for the past years.

    So, who else is crazy and wants to so how slow their body heals in their older years
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    I have my predator from late 70"s. My son never had real interest so I also have his small DK. A few years ago I picked up a Giant Mosh I suppose from the 90".

    There is a course not too far and I have ran it a few times. I did not enjoy the feeling of an unsuccessful table top landing so I stick with pavement mostly. However, I go out weekly and bomb (as the kids call it) some hills on my Loaded and Sector9 longboards, so I suppose I haven't completely developed a fear of gravity yet...
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    I never raced but has a Supergoose back in the late 70s and was pretty obsessed.

    Just picked up one of these for kicks.

    2017 Redline PL-26 BMX Bike

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    Grabbed a Chase Edge cruiser. Got 3 rides on it now, 2 of those are race days. This thing is fast and fun.

    Riding BMX-c532a774-58b9-4223-afb4-b9d5266da705.jpeg

    Riding BMX-525fb256-e231-40fc-961e-2f597eebe238.jpg

    Rest of the riding gear just came in. Kids are getting better every time and I get time on 2 wheels.
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    Riding BMX

    I had a Moosegoose (Mongoose for bigger kids) and raced BMX late 70s - early 80s. Local track had a Wednesday night series and I was a regular. No way I'd do it now.

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