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    RIP Dino De Laurentiis 1919–2010

    An amazing director and producer. 91 years old this man lived to be! According to IMDb he started in movies in 1943!
    Quote Originally Posted by Catzilla;
    Like, if "troubling" were a level seven worry, "concerning" would be a six, with "frightening" being an eight and "unexplained genital rash" being a nine.

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    A legend. RIP, Dino.

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    Listen up, you primitive screwheads...

    Buon Viaggio, Dino.

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    His movies could be awful. They could be absolutely outstanding. They could be tiny. They could be grand. They could be deep. They could be shallow. He created an entire universe of films.
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    any reaction from the governator?
    and no talk of giada?

    btw, im konda over that bobble head. im a bit more into laura calder now:
    The charm of the show, though, comes from Calder. Never, ever failing to appear in a low-cut summer or cocktail dress, she radiates the charm of someone you might bump into by accident in a store where you can’t afford anything. She has an unflappably elite posture, and so her show leaves you with the feeling that you’ve been invited into her kitchen under false pretenses: As someone who’s on the same social level, as someone who might someday roll their own puff pastry, as someone who looks up new words for “delicious” in the dictionary, the way she does.
    Yep, a few gags about Laura Calder’s unique mix of awkward humor, difficult recipes and camerawork that seems intensely pre-occupied with how often she bends over to stir something managed to result in one of our earliest weird Internet victories — not only did we begin to accumulate a disproportionate share of Internet traffic about Ms. Calder, but we found ourselves becoming a resource to the strangely intense internet community dedicated to ogling her boobs.

    We have no idea whether Laura has seen us (though in correspondence with her publicist, Tina was promised that our “warm words” would be passed on to her), and we’re actually pretty all right with that. Laura apparently lives in our neck of the woods these days, and it might end up being kind of uncomfortable if we ever ran into her, face to, uh, face.
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    Finished watching "Nights of Cabiria" last night. Directed by Fellini and produced by De Laurentiis. The film won an Oscar for best foreign language film of 1957. I enjoyed the film but had to read sub-titles. RIP Dino!
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