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    Saw The Amazing Spider-man...

    Just to start, generally see this as good the movie in 2000. And while it's unfair to speak on decade later special effects, the depiction of Peter isn't as one-sided as before. They didn't make him too cool, but not that absolute dweeb Toby was cast for. But plainly, I think Garfield better fits the look of Spiderman despite Toby being able to deliver the lines while in the suit. Makes Peter generally unpopular as opposed to total nerd - a more likable character imo.

    Plot development was a little more interesting since it goes to Peter's parents, but I still can't say it was outright better. There's also no comparison to that upside-down hanging kiss Toby pulled in the previous movie. Ifans was a nice casting for Connors. There's also leeway to develop on Flash Thompson for a sequel. Movie ended on an appropriate note.

    Only annoyances was a lot of crying for my liking, and the role of Uncle Ben was a little better before. Some sleezy parts too but nothing as bad as Spideman 3.

    One spoiler is no Jameson in this movie. While not too necessary because of the plot, love the character. Also miss the score from the previous series.
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    I went to the midnight showing and watched it in IMAX 3D. Was the point of this movie just to show off better CGI? What was the point of retelling/rebooting/remaking (albeit differently) of Spidey's beginning? Totally unnecessary. Spider Man 3, with all it's flaws, was better than this one.

    The pairing of Gwen and Peter felt forced. No chemistry at all. I mean I still get choked up when MJ says "Go get'em tiger" after she skips out on her own wedding to find Peter. Even though the movie was over 2 hrs long everything about it felt rushed with no type of development. For example, Peter literally wakes up from a nap on a subway ride to use his super powers. Also what's the point of wearing a mask when he takes it off every chance he gets!

    At least it was better than "Prometheus".
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    He and Gwen did start too quickly for my liking too. It should've been hanging into the second movie as with the previous series.

    Deadline issues killed off Spiderman 4, and supposedly Sam Raimi's script wasn't so hot to anyone leading to him quitting. Reboot was an opportunity to not exhaust the Osborn's so fast, and as well as Peter's love interests since it takes properly place in HS as opposed to college. IMO he and MJ ended Spiderman 3 on too complicated of a note. And like I said, better opportunity to develop Peter's character instead him progress from nerd to straight-lost-it.

    However, will say that in most current movie, the development in Peter's exceptional intellect only comes through his actions (making the web shooters) as opposed to character.

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