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    "staging footage was standard practice in natural history programmes "

    Um... duh!

    Seriously, people are complaining about this? Who does not know that nature shows use stock footage, zoo footage, captive / trained animals etc?

    Frozen Planet scandal: Sir David Attenborough defends fake polar bear footage -
    * not actually a Rock Star

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    Oh man, I hope that the scene where the leopard mom's cub gets eaten by a snake while she's out trying to hunt antelope wasn't forced. I'm still traumatized by that. It wouldn't surprise me, but I should hope not ALL photographers would do that.

    There are way too many examples of stuff like this, so I try not to think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
    Seriously, people are complaining about this? Who does not know that nature shows use stock footage, zoo footage, captive / trained animals etc?
    Lots of times it's painfully obvious.

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    The lemmings were pushed!
    Quote Originally Posted by JustTooBig View Post
    Your Logical-to-Dumbass ratio is way out of kilter, buddy

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    Was the death of Bambi's mom faked?
    If your opinion differs from mine, ..........Too bad.
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    Honey badgers are so badass that they don't need staged scenes.
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    and did they do that with that whole global warming polar bear on the broken up glacier scene too?
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    I'm still trying to find the behind-the-scenes footage of how the BBC created the following shot. It was a doozie:

    The search continues....
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