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Thread: suicide bugs

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    suicide bugs

    You may know them as Crane Flies or Skeeter Eaters but I've taken to calling them Suicide Bugs because they find their way in to my house and then die en masse, leaving their carcasses scattered everywhere. Usually, they take a few moments to repeatedly fly in to my face, or fall on my head, land on my plate, or generally get in the way of whatever I'm doing. They are in the upper ranks of God's Dumbest Creatures. For something that doesn't bite, sting, or spread disease, they have still managed to become one of the most irritating insects I can think of.

    That's all for today's bug rant. Join me again in a few weeks for the episode on June Bugs!
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    "If we're to be honest with ourselves, achieving the end of the exercise was never the point of the exercise, was it?"
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    Staying tuned for the june bug episode.... ever taken one of those suckers to the forehead at 40 mph? 'bout knocks you over!
    Of course I'm sure...that doesn't mean I'm right......

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    Love Bugs win for annoyingest insect.
    I know we just met and this is crazy....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylint
    Love Bugs win for annoyingest insect.
    that's what SHE said!
    Of course I'm sure...that doesn't mean I'm right......

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    No, its got to be these. In the last two years, they've invaded my house. I hate stinkbugs

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    Yep stinkbugs iv been at war for the last 2 years with them. I'm kind to most bugs I catch them & let them go outside.

    I murder Stinkbugs iv gone from never have seen one a few years back to full out war.

    If you see this kill it ignore your hippy tendencies in this case!

    P.S Dont crush them they will hit you with the stink if you do!
    I keep an old cranberry jug filled with water out back they go in there its the stinkbug jug of Doom...
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    i've got until July before my nemesis comes out to play. the Cicada Killer Wasp.
    harmless to humans, but freakin huge and menacing looking if you have kids or a wife that are scared sh*dless of large bee/waspy types creatures.

    i come home from work, grab my tennis racket, head for the backyard and start swinging. if i hit one, i have to find him and then stomp on them to kill them.
    Good enough never is.
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    The only bug that has bothered me in the last few years has been hornets. They've built their nests under my patio, under the siding, in a wind chime, on my front porch. I keep killing them but they keep coming back.

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    I need my ashes hauled.

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